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Default AF-7050: Rock Suite Choujin Locke


+ Scans of the booklet (CD print).

Joshinweb says "H.E.R.BARNES" and "BILL BILLY" for H.E.R.バーンズ and ビル・ビリー (Google Translation says the same thing), I don't know if you can trust totally it...

These 2 artists are really unknown; according to Anison, this is their only appearance in an anime soundtrack (or image album).
I let the kanjis on the album page, if you want to edit and put their English pseudonyms...

Edit: for the translation of the title, I'm not sure at 100% too, finally... Maybe it is "Locke Suite" and not "Rock Suite"... After all the style here is rather disco than rock.

Edit 2: I just have seen that "BILL BILLY" is written (with capitals) in the booklet of the CD "Choujin Locke ~Honoo no Tora~" (I have the scans) so it 's well correct.
And H.E.R.BARNES (or Barnes) is good too, she has done some lyrics for an album of the rock band Godiego:

And I see that you have already edited the album page Illidan What a rapidity! But you forgot the capitals for BILL BILLY

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