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Originally Posted by RomanticScent View Post
It was not, but it is IS Avalon 2. Not because of the soundtrack, but the movie itself tells you that.
Why would we have compositions from Avalon movie in this soundtrack?
This movie takes place in the same universe/game: Avalon (the game). But is a sequel to Avalon (the movie) at all.

Oh, there's a track called Tir na mban II, so suddenly it is official, it's Avalon 2... Are you serious?

You just created this "Avalon 2" from nowhere because you think of this as a sequel. But movie material shows no "Avalon 2" anywhere...

At best, this is a sequel of 2 shorts movies, "Assault Girl: Hinako The Kentucky" and "Assault Girl 2"....

So, same world, yes, "Avalon 2", no.
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