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lets not talk about it anymore.

I am offering a submission. (or should it be said in some other way? Still, good for database, in my opinion)

The: "were re-arranged throughout this soundtrack."
don't know if I can explain better... the pointed tracks from Avalon, were used in most of the tracks in this soundtrack in multiple ways and variations.
"Nine Sisters" is recalled in first track, at 3 or 2 minutes to end, but just on that track.
Many of the original cues of the other 2 pointed tracks are used in the other tracks more then once, as in: in one track, a melody from "Tir na mban" might be used 4 times, and cue part of that original track, might be used... 2 times, and them mixed with "Voyage to Avalon".
Is there a better way to point these in the "Note section", or is it ok as it is?
If I do something wrong, please pm me to let me know.

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