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Default Dead Space Original Video Game Soundtrack

5.1 DTS Surround demo disc.

The mods wanted to see this disc before deciding if it belonged in the database.

I did not know how I should list it, since it was a demo disc used at a Best Buy Magnolia Theater for a couple of weeks to demonstrate their surround units back in 2009 (IIRC). So I put it as an "EVENT" and used 2009 as the "Release Date". I was also unsure as to who to list as the "Publisher" (Best Buy?). All the info may need some tweaking by the mods as they decide what is more appropriate, should they decide to keep the entry.

I'm having trouble uploading the pictures, so those are pending.

I had previously mentioned that this was a lightscribe CD-R, but it's actually Dead To Rights which is the lightscribe that a friend gave me.

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