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So how would you vision this working? Perhaps a drop-down menu with a rating from 1 to 5 in increments of 0.5?

The marketplace seems to be getting quite a lot of use, so we're definitely open to ideas to improve it. I'm a little fuzzy on this one though, because I'm not sure how it impacts the actual process. For example, if I'm selling an album, and I see that someone has it listed at a rating of 1.5 on their wish list, should I even bother to send a PM? Similarly, if they rate it a 5.0, do I add %20 to the price and send a message?

I know that everyone has their own choice on how to use the ratings, and how to interpret the results, but that's actually my point. Does it really add something that would be consistently useful to the process of buying and selling albums.
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