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Default VTCL-60303: CODE GEASS Akito the Exiled O.S.T.

I wonder if that 3 in VTCL-63303 isn't a typo
even if news site and shops have this catalog, other shops and oricon (no idea if oricon is supposed to be reliable) have VTCL-60303

to me, the latter makes more sense for two reasons
1st is that I don't see why they will separate those releases (ost and sound episode 1) from the main cataloguing (in the current VTCL-603xx)
2nd is that there are no VTCL-63301->2 whereas there are VTCL-60301->2 and nothing between VTCL-60302 and VTCL-60308 (they often leave blanks for future releases like VTCL-60151->7 released in 2012 among 2009 releases -VTCL-60150,VTCL-60158,etc.)
I could guess (if I'm correct) that VTCL-60304 is for an ost 2, VTCL-60306 for sound episode 2 and maybe drama/djcd/whatever cds for VTCL-60307->8

in wait of confirmation for VTCL-63303/5 by flying dog/ves
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