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Default to whom i should get permission before uploading cover images?

i saw the notice for uploading cd cover images.

Be respectful of the original owners of the images.
If the image comes from another site, please obtain permission to upload it, or ask a VGMdb administrator to work out an arrangement.

i don't understand this article because no one can exactly define who is the original/final owners of images.
for a cd cover art, the painter/designer/cd maker/product distributor can be the owners.
strictly speaking, almost all of images on this website are actually not allowed to use and infringes the right of using images.
then, to whom i should obtain permission before uploading?
all of them above? the first person who took photos of cd or scanned it?
according to that article, all vgmdb users must get permission to upload so long as they are not the cover painters.

i guess the manager put it to circumvent any conflicts or claims about ownership and the right of use, but i wonder how many 'owners' have actually been claiming to remove their images which were pirated without permission.

tons of product images are circulated through the internet, even for-profit merchandisers are using them without permission.
but apparently vgmdb has no purpose of any profits with its data.
i bet, for this reason, that article is pointless and just makes members hesitate to update and enhance info.

i am a newbie on this site. i want to know whether other members are strictly keeping the article or feel free to upload any images got from other websites without concerning about it.

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