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Default More updates available

I won't be available this weekend, so I decided to push up the originally planned Friday release to today. In this release, the following five issues were resolved:

#124 Sort by influences in grids: It is now possible to click on the "Influences" bar at the top of any song grids listing that contains it and the list will be sorted by VGMdb album name.
#123 Remove large image from frontpage: Several community members disliked having to scroll past the large image on the front page. It was removed, and added as a mostly transparent background image instead.
#122 "Back" and "Forward" buttons do not function as expected with AJAX grids: Previously, if a user was browsing for songs and pressed "back," (s)he was returned to the first page of the results; now, sort and search options are saved.
#116 Shawnphase reports "Remember me" function for registered user sessions broken: This feature has been fixed.
#120 Grids don't display indication of searching: Some community members were confused that clicking the AJAX buttons on the grids appeared to do nothing. A grey "loading" screen was added to indicate to the user that processing was occurring.

You might need to clear your browser's cache to see the latest changes.
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