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Default Found source

I found the source of this problem. Thanks for your suggestion - the steps to reproduce the problem do seem to be as simple as editing the song without revising it. Browser or OS doesn't matter. I even figured out that the creation time of the songs is being set to NULL, which explains why they aren't showing up in the last 7 days.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out why the times are NULL, so tomorrow I'm going to add database constraints that will cause the site to crash when a user does something that would cause this type of corruption. Then, instead of corruption appearing and there being no record of what actually caused it, the user will get a 500 error and it will be obvious what action caused the problem. Hopefully, the addition of constraints with this strategy will provide more information on the "broken links" bug as well.

Update: I released a fix (bug #126) and it's already on the production server. I did both what I said above as well as discovered the original cause of the issue. Editing songs should not be a problem anymore, although I suspect the issue with broken links is different than this one.
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