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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
The title is "Mizu no Shugokami Psychological Game CD", or if we follow the given reading, "Mizu no Guardian Psychological Game CD".

From the description on the obi, the CD itself is the game, kind of like those adventure books.

Masumi Ito is the composer/performer for the last track.
So was a decision ever made about this CD?

The KCS albums catalogue numbers are assigned chronologically and there is that gap between 019 and 022 which corresponds to a gap between 2-25-93 and 4-25-93. This (game cd's?) release date(3-25-93 according to any Google search) fits between these dates perfectly.

Then there's KECH-1038.

Doesn't seem to be a video game related at all. The release date is also 3-25-93. Just some guy ( in the music industry who seems to have had a Koei release an album for him, KECH-1038. Huh.


There is a good chance that KCS 020 and 021 either don't exist or they do but they're something else......or maybe they are out of order chronologically.......

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