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Chris, that would make me explode with delight if you do :3

kyubihanyou, thanks for your insights. as chance has it I was going over SSBM's soundtrack yesterday, trying to piece together who composed what from the Brawl credits, Orchestra Concert album, this interview, and my own intuition, the latter of which I still had to rely on a lot.

Fourside aka Mother 2 was arranged by Hirokazu Ando
I agree. In fact, this is what I believed years ago before I knew about any specific credits for the game. Just listening to it, it has his style of playful staccato rhythms and colourful harmonies. Going by similar logic I've identified him as writing Metal Battle, Battlefield, Final Destination, Trophy Tussle (torn, could be Sakai) and Giga Bowser. dunno if anything is mentioned about those.

Menu 2 was composed by Shogo Sakai
I agree with that too, and came to this conclusion yesterday. I went by the same logic - that it uses portions of the title theme. I also believe he composed the 100 Man Melee songs and Break the Targets.

<3 menu 2

Mute City was arranged by Tadashi Ikegami (Either him, Shogo, or Takuto)
I think it is either him or Sakai and I'm fairly certain it has nothing to do with Ando. I'm not even sure what Kitsuta did on the game either. I'd say sound effects but I gather that was mostly what Ikegami was doing it. Could be his I suppose. I can't attribute this to the other guys easily.

Lastly, Onett aka Mother was arranged by Tadashi Ikegami
This I'm not sure about. If that's what it alludes to in the interview (I can't tell) then I'd go with that, though superficially it sounds like Sakai's work, because it's SC-8850 oriented like most of Sakai's other tracks. From what I understand Ikegami was more involved with orchestral tracks, like..

The use of similar instruments (piano, trumpet, etc.) further leads me to believe that Tadashi also arranged Mother 2 aka Mother (Alternate Side)
quite possible.

I think that only leaves the two Tournament songs and Warning Siren, plus jingles. and all those original songs for Brawl which would be even more of a headache to decipher x3
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