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I'd like to see Ryuji Sasai do Bravely Default 2. If fantasy rock was their goal, Sasai would do better than Revo.

If I had the reins for any imaginary RPG, I would probably hire one or (maybe) two-person teams. I prefer soundtracks to be the work of mostly one person, as that's when a composer is really challenged to put their absolute best effort in. You might think being able to focus on just a handful of tracks would lead to greater focus on those tracks, but with a larger role composers must work harder to sustain interest.

Maybe it's just because I haven't been very impressed with the sorts of teams that have been assembled in the past. When I think about RPGs in particular, it ends up being one or two composers that I like, and the rest I don't care for.

Then again, games like Monolith Soft's X could only benefit from having additional composers, because heaven knows that game's lead composer doesn't have the chops to handle a major console RPG. Such a waste...

Anyway, I'd make more turn-based RPGs with composers like Saori Kobayashi, Yoshino Aoki, Motoaki Takenouchi, Tsuneo Imahori, and Hiroki Kikuta. All solo, naturally.
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