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When I was playing Skyrim and hearing Jeremy Soule's unspeakably bland music (on Xbox 360 so I couldn't swap it out for something better ), I was frequently imagining how much better it could be. I'm with Jormungand generally, but for a game so big on which you spend so many hours, I think it could be a good thing to have many composers to minimize repetition and monotony. That's the kind of project for which I'd assemble my dream team.

Indeed, Miyoko Kobayashi and Masanori Hikichi were in my thoughts as I think their capabilities for icy/mystical/melancholy sounds would have been a good fit. Saori Kobayashi too would definitely have a place as she's brilliant. Masashi Hamauzu's FFXIII-style lushness would be a great fit. Of course, my favorite composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto would be there, and Hayato Matsuo would contribute his own music and do any orchestral arrangements since he is the greatest at that. Although I'd have Yoshihisa Hirano if I could and he could totally orchestrate his own stuff.

Also, I really want John Pee from Treasure Hunter G doing music again. His stuff there was awesome.
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