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Default HELPING find Old Cassettes/Records catalogue number

Hi guys,
since we are doing a great job in the anime field with LOTS of old '70/'80 entries added but STILL tons of albums not added, my first mind is for the unknown world of Cassette tape records we should unlock.
I've tried in the last year to give the best accurate cassette list to major Label (Columbia, Canyon, Starchild, etc...) but japanese network as the great miss lots of infos especially for minor not famous anime series.
Best solution I found to check if you want to contribute to the database:
- check on your LPs Obi under the cat. number, often there's also the cat. number of child Cassette
- check on the retro Obis, there's always a list of other release with LP & Tape cat. number (time release list, or same anime franchise list)
- check on the yahoo auction site in the anime cassette market
- check for LPs on ebay, now pics are larger and often the little cassette code is readable (don't know why YJA don't allow this, maybe due to account missing)
- ask your friend collector

some easy guide to know code system for major label:
LPs > Cassette

CX-7xxx > CAY-xxx
CQ-7xxx > CAK-xxx
CS-7xxx > CPY-xxx
CZ-7xxx > sometimes CPY or CAK

K22G-7xxx > K28H-4xxx
K25G-7xxx > K25H-4xxx
K28G-7xxx > K28H-4xxx

C25G-0xxx > 25P-7xxx
C28G-0xxx > 28P-7xxx
C38G-0xxx > 38P-7xxx

LB25-5xxx > LC25-5xxx (same number)
TYCY-5xxx > TYTY-5xxx (same number)

CD > Cassette
POCH-2xxx > POTH-2xxx (same number)

Other infos can be found in CD Booklet but are very very rare, for example the Nippon Columbia Cassette series of '90 (COTC-2xxx) miss totally any reference in CD counterpart release (CC-xxxx or COCC-xxxx). Best solution is to check in recent COCX-3xxxx series.
Other cassette releases especially for Columbia don't have any analog/digital counterpart , so only YJA is a chance to discover them.

Hope this helps

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