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Originally Posted by depa
Great work, I added all reprint apart albums not still in the DB. I checked everything and it's perfect
Yes, you even corrected the cat. ref for Bubblegum Crisis Music Collection LP and MT. The typo is in OST 5 booklet and I didn't check the picture itself

Originally Posted by depa
still not added VST-10481 cause I'm sure they added original karaoke tracks inside as usually happens for cassette release of a mini-cd release
Well, in OST booklet it is written like that:
<S-CT>VST-10481 ¥1,000

To me it's almost safe that only 2 songs are included in it as it's a single cassette tape.

This blog says same.

I've check some of my LDs and found some more tapes catalog numbers. I think it's OK to say that:

CD > Cassette
POCH-2xxx > POTH-2xxx (same number)
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