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Default Upcoming downtime


I've completed the initial release of the compos function and have upgraded the symfony framework to version 1.3. Because the site functions completely differently in this new update compared to before, it may be down for several hours in the best case. However, since symfony is rarely as easy to deploy as their developers say it should be, it's also possible that a bug could bring the site down for a day or two while it's being researched.

Once the process begins, I don't want to revert the changes unless it's absolutely impossible to get them working. Thus, if the site is down this weekend, you'll know why. Early next week, I'll post more here about the next remixSite-sponsored compo, and explain how others can start their own compos with the help of this new tool.

Since volunteers are few, I don't have the resources to do exhaustive testing before release. We'll just have to fix the bugs as we go.
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