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Originally Posted by Cam View Post
You could try to contact the copyright owner, couldn't you? =/
Sure, but the chance that they'll even both with sending a C&D is minimal. Either the album will be OOP, in which case the bootleggers make a load of cash, but the owner doesn't lose anything, or the album is still in-print, and the difference in demand is negligible. And the cost of a legal rep to write it up solidly probably won't be worth it (each C&D has to be written up separately, the text is not always the same.).

Not saying you shouldn't contact them though, in fact I'd recommend it - bootleggers don't even deserve to make back their production costs (read: 50c for a blank CD) selling that stuff. I buy my CDs simply so that I know that I have the real thing sitting on my shelf. If I just wanted the music I could always DL it and burn it myself.
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