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Originally Posted by kyubihanyou View Post
From midiplex (

ファイナルファイト -G.S.M.CAPCOM 3- (ポニーキャニオン)

Final Fight is included, which would explain why Shimomura has been tied to the game in some places. Unfortunately, the extent of her participation is unknown thanks to the other game being included in the set, and as a result the credits make it look like she was fully responsible for the original composition of both games, since nothing like "2曲" is included in the statement. The ※ seems to indicate roles where her involvement was small (points to Breath of Fire and Street Fighter Tribute Album).
Shimomura does include Final Fight earlier on that page when she lists specific games she worked on. That's why she lists it and Hatena? no Daibouken for that album, because those are the two of the four games on that album she was a part of. Sorry if you knew that already, but your post came across like you were doubting she was involved with Final Fight.

And yeah, she says that the ※ means was only partially involved (but that not including the ※ doesn't mean she was the sole composer; cf. Street Fighter II).
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