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This is really interesting information i am finding out here. I had no idea this whole time he did music in this game. I had no idea the lead for Final Fight 2's music had a part in the first game, in the arcade version none the less. But i listen to its music and can definitely see how it may have been the same man.

As for Yoko's work, i am definitely going to make a guess that BGM 8 is from Yoko. It sounds the most like Street Fighter II. It has that crazy bass found in her work from that game as well as Live a Live. In fact, it also sounds like it could easily be a song from Live A Live. It features a few distinctive traits of her work, so i am definitely placing my bets on that one being hers.

BGM 7 is one i question as well. It sounds similar to BGM 8, but i am not quite sure on this one. It has a SF2 style bassline and some similarities to the SF2 select screen, but this one wouldn't surprise me either way.

Also, one last thing. I could have sworn that Yoshihiro once said that he did all the music on this game? Or did i mix that up with something else?
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