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Something i am wondering, did Bun Bun actually do the elevator theme too? From what i see from him it sounds as though part 1 of the stage alone is his and part 2 is someone else. I don't really get the bun bun feeling here, just that this song seems based on that one. But a couple places made it sound like he did both, but the official source states he did just the first one. No saying who made part 2. Not sure if Yoshihiro. Doesn't compare much to anything else aside from the song it's based on. The only thing aside from that it reminds me of is Mega Man 6 with the brass part. I also wonder if whoever made the part 2 to that stage also made BGM7, which has a similar quality as the elevator theme(to me) and seems potentially based on BGM 8, which i am almost positive is the one track from Yoko. But again, this is all assumption, i could be way off base.
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