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I listed the tracks shown in the video below. Please note that the names I put on here are not official or localized. I also put notes of what I saw on the footage if needed:
DISC 1 -
01. Title Theme
(Version 3.0.0 is shown on the video.)
06. Green Gardens
13. Boss Battle
(Fight against Whispy Woods is shown on the video.)
20. King Dedede Battle Theme
27. Friendly Field
30. Nature's Navel
42. Meta Knight Battle Theme
DISC 2 -
01. Chop Champs
(Footage of playing the subgame is shown, however the track is from the subgame's menu.)
34. Zan Partizanne Battle Theme
DISC 3 -
02. Planet Earthfall
16. Planet Towara
17. Star Lavadom
37. Break Time Breakdown (Shows footage of Susie's picture in the Gallery that is in the 4.0.0 update.)
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