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Originally Posted by rsc-pl View Post
But it's not like these titles are written on the album cover or even mentioned in the description

Well, that sucks if you are really going to follow this route. I don't have any problem if English translation is mentioned somewhere (like it was done before), but changing the main release titles to translations is like using translated song or band names.
Nothing has changed from before, all the examples you have given have an English title that is in use by the Japanese publisher (rather than only being in use on English-language licensed material).

For "Wasteful Days of High School Girl" and "Astra Lost in Space" the English title is on the Japanese logo, and as a result the English title will most definitely be printed on releases. For "If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord" the English title is not on the logo, but it's used on the official Japanese anime website and therefore there's a good chance it'll be printed somewhere on the release. And even if isn't, it could still be used as the display title since it's an official title by the Japanese publisher (for example we pretty much exclusively use "Mobile Suit Gundam" instead of "Kidou Senshi Gundam" in display titles regardless of whether "Mobile Suit Gundam" is printed on the release or not).

Perhaps the perceived difference is because it's become more and more common for Japanese publishers to use English titles on official material. It's become more common give things an English title in advance with the expectation that it will be licensed in English (and also to look "cool").

See a comment from J-Novel Club's Sam Pinansky on the subject: (The comment addresses LNs specifically, but it's also relevant to anime)
Q: Has it been an increasing trend among LN nowadays to come with "official" English subtitles on the cover? Is this practice motivated more by "English looks cool", or more in the hopes of making an official English release easier?
A: Originally the former, but increasingly the latter.
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