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Unloaded scans for album. A few notes:

- The cover itself is actually a spoiler, but unless you have played the game you're probably safe unless someone explains it to you (I was confused as hell about the cover until someone spelled it out)

- The back of the OBI and a few parts of the booklet contain spoilers, so I'd avoid those until after playing the game.

- For those wanting a translation, there seems to be a decent attempt on YouTube ( but we'll probably have to wait until Limited Run Games version of the game comes out for something more definitive (this should be released in a month or two). I would just post the track list here, but I don't want to seem like I'm taking credit for it.

- The track list in the link above does not include the following tracks:

05: This is basically "Foreboding Premonition" from BMZ2, but I think it's been re-arranged a little bit

34: Mission Clear (8 Bit Version) *
36: Moment Of Achievement (8 Bit Version) *

* These have been uploaded to YouTube by the same user, but they don't appear in the playlist above; you can find them by searching separately.
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