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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Given that, why don't we just go with "Booklet Page", as the abbreviation is only 1 character shorter anyway.
That's quite amusing, quite frankly.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
It's pretty annoying when you are checking credits/liner notes/info and the pages are all over the place, so yeah they need some order (you wouldn't want unordered tracklists either? :P).
And expecting people to crop pages isn't good, simple yeah but time consuming.

I was referencing to the entry Myrkul addressed more than actually recommending the cropping of pages. Actually, I think adding the whole booklet page is better than going page by page...that's how I've been doing it so far whenever I can.

But yeah, whatever the consensus says regarding which abbreviation to use I won't mind: pg. or pp., it's all the same to me. What's one less character anyway...?
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