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Originally Posted by Nisto View Post
I thought about one thing though. Here is a release with a CD and a DVD. The DVD is titled "Disc 2", but since there's two kinds of discs in the release, someone has captioned the discs after what type they are. Should we caption discs for those kinds of releases like that, or should we use the title for the disc?

Maybe it should be something, like "Disc 1 (--disctype--)", "Disc 2 (--disctype--)", etc?
I want to bring this up again...
This album originally had scans named "Disc 1 (CD)" and "Disc 2 (DVD)". Recently someone (I'm guessing CHz) renamed it to only "CD" and "DVD", what's up with that?! Do we even have solid guidelines for this yet... ? Kinda stupid to REMOVE the disc numbers if you ask me.

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