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NEVER ever?

Well, try some Rogue Squadron (I,II,III) by Chris Huelsbeck, from the N64 to the Gamecube, the non-John Williams parts anyway.

Rogue Squadron 1
Rogue Squadron 2
Rogue Squadron 3

The collection for the Wii that was cancelled had a live orchestra, and the Skywalker Symphony no less, the only piece that made it out was for a promotional trailer: Rogue Squadron Wii

A terrible shame it got cancelled and the score will never see the light of day (The original company wants to port it to Switch but I doubt it will happen). The only compensation would be a Rogue Squadron orchestra album.

I imagine it's impossible but as Turrican demonstrated, if you give any of Huelsbeck's game work to a full symphony orchestra, it just works so well: East Meets West Concert

Since he worked together with Yuzo Koshiro its not too far out as far as suggestions go

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