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"JŪSENKITAI" is written like that on page 2 of the booklet.
I was hesitant to put Kaneto Shiozawa in the JŪSENKITAI band because he is credited as a guest on the concert and you can see mainly Kazuko Yao, Yuriko Mamamoto and Shigeru Nakahara on the photos. But in the introduction to the concert (track 01), the text of which is also written on page 2 of the booklet, they talk about JŪSENKITAI as a group of warriors of 4 people (like the 4 heroes of the series). So I guess we can include Kaneto Shiozawa in the band, remains to be seen why he doesn't sing songs anymore.

Then should I put "Original Work" in the classification because of the first track which is an instrumental introduction to the concert? Or is it not necessary?
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