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Originally Posted by Wally View Post
Hi everyone,

Probably a dumb question, but is there a particular procedure for updating a dead/moved link for an album available for download on the Web? I'm assuming the procedure is simply to replace the dead link, but I wanted to make sure since there's the "OOP" tag for sites that have an entry for an album but no longer sell it.

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, and thanks in advance.
Is this a link to an authorized digital album download on the web? If not, it should be deleted, since VGMdb doesn't support piracy.

If the link was to authorized digital album download on the web, it should be replaced if a replacement link is available. If there is no replacement, it should be deleted.

There probably isn't an OOP for digital albums, because theoretically the rights holder can make it available again more easily than a physical album, where the "Out of Print" (OOP) name originates.
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