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Default 17 albums for sale, cheap lot, needs to go

You're buying them for the music, because they're not in collector's condition, except for a few of them.

All discs are working and most are in very good condition with only minor scratches. Paper materials and cases are mostly damaged or in poor condition though.

50$ + shipping. That's 3$ per album.

I am indicating what is included and any defects I can see.

Battle ManiaX (spinecard)
Battle ClimaX (spinecard) [spinecard pinched]
Battle ManiaX Second Duel (spinecard)
Project G (spinecard)
Biohazard 2 (spinecard, reg card) [spinecard pinched]
Biohazard 2 official Taiwan version [booklet damaged]
Kiddy Hearts
Namco Graffiti Collection Best 10 [back insert water damage]
Fighter's History
Power Instinct (character card) [back insert damaged]
Art of Fighting 2 [spinecard, reg card, sticker] [booklet damaged
Fire Suplex (spinecard, character card) [back insert damaged]
Fatal Fury Special (spinecard, reg card, character card)
F/A System (booklet pinched, back insert damaged]
Last Bronx (spinecard, reg card, 2 stickers) [this album is as good as new, i just can't stand the album design]
Space Harrier Complete Collection (spinecard) [spinecard water damage]
Gungrave VR [factory sealed]

my trade list
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