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Default Different Vinyl formats

Hi guys,
since some Vinyl formats are in existence, is there a specific rule to make a distinction beetween them here on the database or simply is it better report it on the notes?
I've taken a quote from wikipedia:
Diameter--------------Revolutions per minute-------------Time duration

12 in. (30 cm)----------------33⅓ rpm-----------------45 min Long play (LP)
----------------------------- 45 rpm------------12-inch single, Maxi Single, and Extended play (EP)
10 in. (25 cm)----------------33⅓ rpm--------------------Long play (LP)
------------------------------78 rpm----------------------3 minutes
7 in. (17.5 cm)----------------45 rpm------------------Single, and Extended play (EP)
-------------- ---------------33⅓ rpm--------------Often used for children's records in the 1960s and 1970s.
Don't remember but does the 45rpm (common for old anime tunes) has a different lenght playing compared to 33⅓ release, taking the same tune?

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