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I think nextday pretty much sums up why I am cool with anime music over hollywood and western comic book related soundtrack. The niche. It seems the logic here is "that person may have been involved elsewhere" but I think it may be better off just to deal with their vg soundtracks. Maybe have an 'also worked on' section or list if you really want to detail those. I don't think I agree with having a full page dealing with mainstream hollywood soundtracks. Even if some musician that did video games either worked on it, or it was based on an anime and even worse, a comic book. I actually disagree that including a film based on a video game should be included. I would hit the brakes at a game based on a movie. I feel like this lax attitude is what could eventually lead this place astray. I know there is mention that the subtitle was not a recent addition, I am aware. It may have been there when I came, but I am not 100% certain. But even so, saying that comes off as MTV in the late 90s saying "Oh no, our addition of reality shows among other programs is not a recent addition. It is still mostly music videos. Hell, look, one of our other programs even features music videos in them. Calm down." and look where it's at now.

Again, I am not saying it even will head toward that path, I am just saying that such a lax attitude could very well lead this place down that path. Part of the reason I came to this place because it had that very niche feel that I take to, and it seems nextday either might, or at least he feels this place should stick to its roots. I don't want this place to start feeling crowded and attracting a big mainstream and casual crowd.
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