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Originally Posted by Jimby View Post
What I’m talking about is a centralised hub where VGMdb is just one offshoot - and that particular database would be for VGM and VGM alone. Anime, sentai etc. are given there own portals. The scope creep is a concern purely because it muddles things and waters down the original vision for the site. I personally have no interest in half the stuff on here and I don’t think I’m alone on that. By partitioning the site it allows the information to be more focussed and serve the user base that much better.

I was then making the point that film scores could conceivably have its own separate section potentially.
Yeah, I am aware with the last part. Everything else, thanks for clearing that up. IMO, I think they should be separate sites altogether. Plus they should all have their own forums. It's either that or stay vgm entirely, even anime with some restraint.
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