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Default DJ SHARPNEL (#2487)

I'd like to give a quick explanation about DJ SHARPNEL from SHARPNELSOUND.

It's a multi style hardrave producer from japan. They combine various elements in their music. Mainly anime and game music, but they sometimes use american hip hop, european trance music and other catchy mainstream music too. It's all crossover...
Old school game sounds, game background musics, anime openings, anime vocals, famous songs, ...

DJ SHARPNEL are two people, Jea and Lemmy. They use many aliases for their releases, such as:

Genesis, High Speed Music Team Sharpnel, Killing Scum, Neon Genesis Gabbangelion, Project Gabbangelion, ...

Official Website
List of used game and anime samples

I think they're an interesting phenomenom in the world of game and anime music. Sharpnels audience mainly consists of game and anime otakus.

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