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Originally Posted by Zorbfish View Post
Uh, yes it does; unless you've changed what I originally wrote (I take it they have you working on it now). It checks a submitted discid for a match before even checking any track times.
I wouldn't say I'm working on it, I just reviewed the cddb python code to try and resolve the EAC crash with >255 characters coming back and I just supplied the recommended line number changes to SS to make the change.

I've tested it a few times with no track times and a valid discid (generated by a cue sheet in EAC, updated by myself in the album info section) and it's never been able to pull. I can test it when I get home again but as far as I know it's never worked.

I took me a long time to decipher python because I am by no means an expert in the language. I'll step through it when I get home and pm you after testing it with one of my discs.
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