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This looks like a wasted opportunity to me. Or in the worst case a rushed job.

Even with a 17 disc set, there are still several games which were never granted a soundtrack on cd:

Simon's Quest (NES version)
Boku Dracula-kun (GB version)
Akumajo Dracula XX
Akumajo Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden

Not to mention that there are several games whose soundtrack in on two cds, but has been reduced to just one disc here (Lament of Innocence, Curse of Darkness, Ubawareta Kokuin, and the variant versions of X68k and Gallery of Labyrinth).

I suppose it's possibile to combine, for example, the rondo of blood OST and the X68000 OST into one cd, but it will be hardly the same quality of say the DXC OST that uses nearly sixty minutes (an entire disc) just for Rondo.

All considered these negative points seem to weight over the positive of having an official release for the saturn tracks, the MSX2 port and the GB Legends...

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