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Default ANB-03: ignis / Annabel

Added all the missing information, taken from the booklet and the wayback machine.

Tracklist: The booklet contains a few typos and imperfect English. The main instance of this is M-03, where the track title has been written as "nnocent flame" instead of "innocent flame". For this reason, I've taken this as being a genuine misprint and have corrected the tracklist in this case.

As well as this, I've gone ahead and cleaned up the liner notes so that it's easier to read for the sake of this database.

The credit for "yu sudou" may be the one linked below, spelled as "You Sudo", but I cannot confirm, so I've left it as it is.

Lastly, there is a credit for "comareco" on the booket. Because this is a self-produced single, I can only guess that this is a distributor. However, I've not included this credit because I'm unsure.


Minor note that this is the only single from Annabel to my knowledge, where she also sings in Spanish (M-03).

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