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Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
OK I read "Yû Katoh" and Ryoîchi Shôji", with all the "^", it is good?
I don't know the artists, but I would say just Yu Katoh and Ryoichi Shoji is fine. There shouldn't be any macron in the notes.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
And I notice you have added an english title for this album: "Locke The Superman ~Lord Leon~. I have hesitated to add it, because this album is not related to the OAV, and I have seen that Choujin Locke ~Cosmic game~ doesn't have an English title on his album page too. Is there an English print for the manga with this translation?
English title is printed on the back, so it's ok to add it as default title.

I see it isn't printed on the cassette back or anywhere on the Animex reprint (at least going by the scans you submitted), so I only added it as alternative title for the reprints.
Same for Cosmic game, going by the scans it's not printed anywhere. It can still be added as alternative title if it's the official translation of the manga though.
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