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SME Records Inc. (the company) was merged into SML so it just looks like they list the companies (manufacturers?) for Sony rather than the labels.
This is the case for old ones as well, for example Sony Records was manufactured by Sony Music Records Inc. before april 2014 (, and mora lists that:
Other ones (like ariola and SME) had a separate company that was merged so those are all listed as SML now.
So the old ones should actually be "SME Records / SME Records Inc." and the new ones "SME Records / Sony Music Labels Inc." to be precise.

Again, totally fine by me to lists these as well. If we can come up with a general guideline and apply it to all entries, even better. To be fair, I think we should get rid of the ambiguous "Imprint/Publisher" and just have Label, Manufacturer, Distributor and other ones if needed (for example Distribution Collaboration, Copyright Holder, etc).
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