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Lightbulb Sega Genesis -> Yamaha DX Patches?

Hey guys,

Long shot, but figured this might be the place to ask.

I have been looking for a way to pull the instrument patch information (for the YM2612 chip) out of GYM/VGM files for the Sega Genesis and into a Yamaha SysEx patch format. The chip is similar to what is used in the Yamaha DX series (DX7, etc) synthesizers from the 80s, so in theory the patch information should be compatible, thus being able to play the instrument out of any game's music directly by the DX synthesizer.

My interest is not so much in playing them in an actual DX7/DXx. Native Instruments' FM synthesis software FM8 (sick software btw, so fun to make sounds with), being originally an emulation of the DX7, has the ability to import the SysEx patch format of the DX7. It would be sick to take a bass instrument from Sonic 3 or something, load it directly into FM8 and then spice it up using the modern capabilities of the software. Or at least be able to parse the GYM/VGM data to figure out the FM operator settings in a readable format so it could be replicated manually into the software.

I came across an old (6 years ago) forum post on Eidolon's Inn that references a software called YMDump. The post makes it sound like this is what I'm looking for, but for the life of me I cannot find this software anywhere. This is the post:

Would anyone browsing this forum have any information on whether this is possible?