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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these already have soundtrack releases:

Originally Posted by NukaCola View Post
- Castlevania III Famicom Version Soundtrack
- Final Fantasy Origins Soundtrack
- Lufia 1 & 2 Soundtrack
The original title of the first game is Akumajou Densetsu which can be found on the Akumajo Dracula Famicom Best compilation album. The English version of the game that has downgraded music capabilities however, does not have an official release.

The second game, if you're talking about the PlayStation versions are simply known as Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II. The PlayStation FFI+II music (and probably PSP which should sound the same) can be found in the Final Fantasy I & II Original Soundtrack. I'm pretty sure most other version FFI+II music (e.g. Bandai WonderSwan, Gameboy Advance, etc) have not been officially released.

The third game is known as Estpolis Denki and both of the games' music can be found on the Estpolis - Game Sound Legend Consumer Series Biography Estpolis Sound Track.
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