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Originally Posted by Muuurgh View Post
Not to be belligerent, Kidd, but you if you were more couth in some of your posts then maybe WarpToken wouldn't have felt threatened by your post at MM.
If he "felt threatened" by the post, he could have replied in that same thread and asked Kidd to clarify. You might notice that he didn't post in that thread again before making this one. That suggests to me that he's more interested in the attention than problem-resolution.

Even suggesting that people on that forum vote others down might prompt them to do so even if the statement was made in jest, and the fact that you have over 2000 posts increases the perception that a number of people there know you and would do such a thing.
Nowhere did Kidd ever say "vote other people down." He said "give people negative stars," which don't exist and were the subtle clue that he might have been joshing. And he's already said it, but all his 2000 posts mean is that everybody there knows him, knows he's fooling, and is laughing at the display of alarmism here.

While I myself wouldn't have perceived your post on MM as threatening as WarpToken did at first glance, I do think that he is justified to be concerned.
Again, the fact that his first instinct is to make a new thread on a forum that Kidd doesn't frequent, in the hopes that it would take as long as possible before he even knew WarpToken had a concern, should say all you need to know about his "justification."