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Quentin, when you say, "is it better for vote rigging to go undetected," do you mean to imply that you are doing nothing with the information that you have? I was under the impression that you were working to keep voting fair - and IP addresses are obviously something you have access to, or you wouldn't be able to release them.

Here's my thoughts: if you are making sure that voting is fair, then no vote rigging will go undetected by you, and there is no need to release IPs to the public for any reason other than their peace of mind (I think Ben Franklin had a saying about that).

If you are abdicating your duty, then releasing IPs to the public won't be of any use, because you won't be doing anything with the information, and we don't have the power to deal with potential vote-rigging.

I'm not trying to be inflammatory here, and if I'm just misunderstanding something, please tell me.