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The comp has ended so I'll post now. I can understand the reasons for this thread, since to anyone involved, at first, it seemed like something was amiss and the votes were being screwed with. Quinten then went on to make a thread about how this was actually being done by a bot. No one's being paranoid, since this is true.

Unfortunately Kid Cabbage from a previous post looked to blame and so got the wrong end of the stick. I don't know him, but his track was decent, as good as anyone else's so he deserves to have a chance and not to have misunderstanding held against him because of something he would most surely retract if he knew this was going to happen. I think it's important to bring these things to attention, so honestly WarpToken, you were right if you thought something was up. We all want this to be as fair as possible, and your actions were kind've commendable given the circumstances. If there's cheating, we'll find out eventually. If not now, then in future comps, so please no one get angry at eachother and spoil this. As far as we know, we're all just doing the best we can.

You must have very low standards, only two of the songs are worth anything above 3 stars.
I sincerely hope you were saying that in the heat of the moment. Otherwise, I would have to query exactly what standing you have to say that. For a start, there's more than 3 genres posted, let alone styles within genres, so unless you're some sort've master in every one, you couldn't possibly make such a statement true. Just saying what you did makes things worse than they all ready are... it wasn't constructive and it wasn't true. Personally, I too think that these tracks were really good and all deserved above 3 stars. If you think otherwise, feel free to challenge us.

In any case, let's just see what happens and hope the next comp goes a little more smoothly. I figure next time people will trust eachother a bit more, since we pretty much got everything out this time around.

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