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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
If a soundtrack is enclosed only with the limited edition of a product, it should be First Press Bonus. If it's enclosed with all editions, and continues to be bundled throughout the product's normal print run, it's a generic enclosure.
I am not really agree about "limited/collector edition" = first print..
It's not clear enough, To me first print means it came only with a first print run of the media (generally containing different package or bonus), and then was later stopped to use another print run of the same content without the extras.
The most important thing is "First", at least for me it means it came before the normal release.

It's not true for Limited/Collector's edition.. that comes either Later the normal version or at the same time, and the buyer is able to buy any of the 2 versions.

If you search for "collector", all the CDs are currently classified as normal Enclosure (so if you'r right we'll have to change all of them)

So before continuing talking about a need of a clearer classification, i need to know if i am right here and what do you think about it?
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