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Fine, we'll keep it legible for everyone by keeping a title. I'd prefer none... I mean, even with compliance for viewing inhibited people, we still have readers... and those readers read things that come up first, in which case, putting "promoted" or "featured" or "suck up" songs or w/e first will still come up first for them... so not really a problem. I did it for a living. (not a reader, a developer)

But okay.

If we want to reach a consensus we should first look at what's being said so that everyone read without misunderstanding each-other. I think "promoted" gives a wrong impression, because it says the word "promotion". That's not a good thing. That's very corporate. Like you're selling someone something they don't want. The word "featured" could be even worse though. It says "I'm what this site is about"... so, a bad song, implies a bad site. That's too risky for anyone right now, given the circumstances of late. "Promoted" sounds bad, "Featured" sounds bad and "Self-Featured" sounds even worse (which is something I just thought up)

Let's stop arguing about those words and try for new ones. No more dictionary references because no one who comes to the site will really care. They'll see the track, then the header, so we just gotta give them the right invite in text. There's gotta be the right word out there. (just my opinion of course, feel free to kick my ass on it)