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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
My guess on this would be the day the winners were announced, if we can find out what day that was.
Originally Posted by Datschge View Post
No date at all would be very unhelpful. Some kind of date should definitively be there. I'd say the day when the result of the drawing is published someplace should be used since that more useful than the day one could apply and is easier to confirm than someone receiving it the earliest.
More often than not, winners will receive the prize without prior announcement... I added what I thought was the earliest receiving date to that Persona promo album. I'm not sure about the current release date of FF Finest Box (which was initially a prize drawing item), by the way. It's Mar 28, 2007, but She apparently received this album on Mar 24, 2007.

Originally Posted by Cedille
It might not be appropriate to treat this album the same as drawing prize albums, because there is no drawing; every user who purchases another album and applies for this campaign can get album. I think it's closer to Club Nintendo reward items, but is there a consensus on how the release date of those album shall be? (the common receiving date in Japan seems to be Jan 24 or 25, 2008. Was Jan 31, 2008 the US equivalent date?) (Oct 14, 2008 seems to be the common receiving date) (Jan 12, 2009 seems to be the deadline of the the initial period when we could get this album by fewer coins) (I don't remember why I added Sep 2009, but this seems to be the common receiving date)

Also, we may need to have another distribution type for these albums, since "Promo/Gift" is supposed to use for "promotional items with extremely limited printings, prizes awarded to contest winners and so on.", but do Club Nintendo items fit this description, or fall under the catch-all "Enclosure"?
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