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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
I'm all for more anime albums but I just hope the focus of this site doesn't become so anime that vgm contributions halt...

It may be worth to alter a little the color for promo+anime btw. And some warning/guidelines to new users about romaji/english tracklists taken indiscriminately from the interwebs (not only because of quality concerns, but also permissions and stuff).
I worry about this too, especially for all the people who use the site, but don't read the forums or pay attention to the front page. They might see it as a gradual degradation if they don't understand how to use the filters. I agree on your other concerns too. We'll want to keep our quality high here, and prevent all the weeabo translations from corrupting our info.

What color modifications are you recommending? I'm not a big fan of the Anime Green, though I don't really like the Doujin Brown either.
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