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I guess most albums that was printed before Japan's consumption tax was raised to 5 percent in 1997 are already out-of-print, but I've come across a couple exceptions (like this), and in such a case the printed post-tax price and the actual price don't match (and technically speaking, I think the prices of all the albums released before 1997 have to be basically 1.019 percent higher than how the scans of the earlier printing states, because that's the price we'd be charged if they should be still printed today).

As the consumption tax in Japan will be raised two or three years later, we will have to add the 'new' tax-included prices to every old Japanese release entry that will be still available at this point. This is just a potential future threat which could be solved by a small script... but I wonder it would be better to start to add a before-tax price and let the system automatically calculate the tax-included price.
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