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Okay so, he's not decreased today, but some weeks ago, a sucide apparently

"Betwixt & Between /Kimura Kaoru was dead two weeks ago...
I want to tell his family how much his music and personality is loved friends all of world. and I want you to tell/ write last message. of corse photos etc is OK!

these are how to wirte message for Betwixt & Between / Kaoru Kimura and his family.
facebook is the best. if you have not account facebook. twitter is also OK. and you don't have both.please send GULD's E-mail address.
here is...

Please don't send in message box.because nobody knows his account! so nobody can open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. his facebook is LINK... (please write wall.not to his mailbox.)

2.his Twiiter wall. Please add " @butabanahakase "here is LINK...(please write wall.not to his mailbox.)

3. to GULD's hotmail. here is LINK...( GULD sends his family your message)

RIP Betwixt & Between / Kaoru Kimura..."
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