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Default CX-7093: IMAGE ALBUM Bride of Deimos

Infos about the manga:

Tracklist and Credits (No found Anison's page):

There are 2 translations in Romaji for the title: Akuma no Hanayome, and Deimos no Hanayome (which is more an alternative title).
English Wikipedia says "Deimosu no Hanayome", but everywhere else on the web, it says "Deimos".
And Japanese Wikipedia says too "Deimos", so I have let this for the alternative title.

The manga "Bride of Deimos" has an English print, and the authors are written in Romaji on the cover:
So for 池田 悦子 we have Etsuko Ikeda
and for あしべゆうほ Yuho Ashibe.

Better: on this page we have too the official English Title for the Japanese print, "the Bride of the Demon", and the names of the authors are written again.
(remark: Yuho Ashibe is written with a macron)

And the romanization of 伊藤 かずえ is Kazue Itoh (with a "h" at the end :-) ):
(see the right orthography on the jacket; this CD Best Of contains too some songs from "Bride of Deimos")

More infos:

Remark: "Kazue Ito" seems good too, we have this translation on the vinyl:
(see very well the second scan, lines 9 and 12)

And finally a little bonus, the song 'THE RE-IN-CARNATION" sung by the great Norio Sakai, enjoy ^^ :

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